“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." ~ Frederick Douglass


Environmental Health
Our neighborhoods and the entire city of Detroit are in what the EPA and EGLE call a “non-attainment area” for ozone and other air quality indicators. This means that we all live in a state of extreme pollution. While we are adaptive and have adjusted to living under these conditions there are many impacts on our health.

Environmental Racism
The best example is right here in our backyard. Being in a “non-attainment The FCA project will increase emissions in our 94% black community with high poverty and asthma rates while reducing emissions coming out of a suburban plant.– This is textbook environmental racism.


Climate Change

Local History


The Mound Builders
What is the oldest human-made structure in Detroit? Many people would say it’s the Charles Trowbridge Residence, or possibly the James Smith Log House. But couldn’t you say it’s the burial mound located on the grounds of Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne? Human remains more than one thousand years old were removed from the mound in the 1940s. But this earthwork of sand and topsoil may not fully be what it appears. http://detroiturbanism.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-mound-builders.html

Indian Villages, Reservations, and Removal
We’re all familiar with the basic story of how this country got its land: it was taken from the Native Americans by a series of treaties, many signed under duress, that “purchased” the land well below its actual value. But some of the details of these events are not well known, especially locally. When and how did the ground beneath our feet in Metro Detroit change hands from Native American to European American ownership?

A cultural history of Metro Detroit, Chapter One: Native Americans

The People of the Three Fires